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The Mobility of the Future


Mobility is undergoing an unmistakable change. The increasing awareness of environmental protection does not stop at aviation either. In the automotive industry, the electric drive has actually been implemented.

In aviation, weight is a far more critical factor. The batteries used as energy storage devices in the automotive industry are still 25 times heavier than the previous fuel drive. In the case of aircraft, which are around 10 times more weight-sensitive than cars, it is much more difficult to implement a purely electric drive.


In the next few years, it should be possible to find economically viable solutions for training operations close to the airport. There are already initial approaches to this.

For cruising, however, a purely battery-electric drive is a very big hurdle, which entails massive restrictions in terms of performance and range.

As early as 2015, Ing. Hans Schwöller, founder and managing director of XAEROS, dealt with alternative drive solutions for general aviation. Even then, it became apparent that good solutions should be found for powering aircraft using a combination of energy sources.

See the Background Infos page for more information.

The Vision

The increasing sensitivity of pilots to safety, environmental protection and efficiency, as well as the increasing sensitivity of airfield residents to noise pollution, require a radical reassessment of existing technologies and the generation of new concepts. Recognizing the new challenges and developing appropriate products is an opportunity for new companies to secure future markets. 

Fully electric flight would be the goal. However, the available and prospective technologies are unlikely to be able to meet the flight time and range requirements of more than 1,000,000 general aviation pilots worldwide, even from a visual perspective.


The vision of XAEROS is to make general aviation and eVTOL aircraft significantly safer, quieter and more environmentally friendly.
The aim is to create the best possible solutions and products in terms of environmental protection, economy, safety and user requirements by using future energy sources.

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Ing. Hans Schwoeller
Founder, CEO, CTO

Hans Schwoeller is the initiator, concept creator, shareholder and managing director of XAEROS AvioPower GmbH. His background includes a technical and economic education as well as 30 years of experience in the areas of corporate management as well as technical development, production, marketing and sales. 

Hans Schwoeller is a passionate pilot himself.


The location for development and series production is decided together with the investors. 


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