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The XAEROS hybrid system offers a unique solution for general aviation, enabling aircraft to be operated more safely, quietly and in a more environmentally friendly manner, while retaining full flight performance and range.


The XAEROS Hybrid 270 is the basic development for a whole range of propulsion systems for the future of general aviation and much more. The system has a modular structure, is scalable and offers countless possible uses.

We would like to invite you to be part of this highlight.

Project Status
  • detailed CAD base design completed

  • adopting the design of many parts of aircraft engines that have been certified and tested thousands of times allows minimizing financial resources, risk and development time

  • Project partners for technical areas and certification are available

  • the most important patents are granted in the EU, the USA and China, further patents are pending and in progress

Next Steps

   1.  Financing by investors, crowd financing and public funding

   2. computational analyses:  Loads, vibrations, thermals

   3. Detail development, prototyping, dyno and flight testing

   4. Start of production in 4th year


Founder and CEO

Hans Schwöller

Interested ?   

If you are interested, please contact the CEO directly and get the relevant information:   

Hans Schwöller   +43 676 5695500



Are you interested in participating in the XAEROS project?

XAEROS offers everyone to be part of making general aviation, private aviation, club flying and much more a lot safer, quieter and more environmentally friendly by implementing the XAEROS hybrid.

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Take Your Chance

Take the opportunity to invest in safer, sustainable, quiet and environmentally friendly propulsion technology for Aeneral Aviation and much more.

If you are interested, please contact the managing director of XAEROS AvioPower GmbH directly:

Hans Schwöller      +43 676 5695500

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