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Fitting and retrofitting of Aircraft

The XAEROS hybrid drive is not only designed for the simple equipping of new aircraft, but was designed from the ground up for the conversion of existing aircraft types and aircraft. All drive components are an integral part of the XAEROS hybrid drive.

The first step in converting an aircraft is to dismantle the entire technology in front of the firewall. In the second step, the XAEROS engine is attached with the appropriate engine mount to the intended attachment points on the fuselage and the 4 connections are made. 

C172 XAEROS a.jpg

Connections between XAEROS and aircraft are to be established:

1. Throttle

To do this, the existing throttle cable must be connected to the multiple encoder of the XAEROS Hybrid, which is prepared for this. The position of the encoder is flexible. In new aircraft there is also the option of electrically transmitting the throttle position.

2. Fuel line

The two piston engines of the XAEROS Hybrid can be supplied with fuel together. However, there is also the option of supplying the two motor units with separate lines. For example, one V2 engine could be powered from the left wing tank and the second V2 engine from the right wing tank.

3. Power supply to aircraft

The XAEROS Hybrid provides two independent circuits for powering the aircraft.

4. Cockpit heating and ventilation

The XAEROS Hybrid supplies the cockpit with ventilation and heating via a 75mm/3" hose connection. The temperature of the cockpit is controlled via the Engine Monitoring System EMS, which also records the cockpit temperature. Cockpit air conditioning is also available as an option.

Complete conversion kits

For the conversion of aircraft, the delivery of complete conversion kits is planned, which includes the XAEROS hybrid drive, the appropriate hood and, if necessary, the appropriate propeller.

Supplemental Type Certificates (STS) are issued for the most common aircraft types, with which certified aircraft types can be converted and operated. With the conversion kit and the STC, every certified aircraft operator should be able to carry out the conversion in a very reasonable amount of time.

Integration Example:  Cessna 172

C172 Lyco.jpg
Cessna 172 Lyco.png

typical engine integration: 118 kW / 160 hp

C172 XAEROS a.jpg

XAEROS engine integration

200 kW / 270 hp system power

Perspektive mit XAEROS 5.jpg

with the XAEROS hybrid drive, the engine compartment looks pretty empty

Cessna 172 XAEROS_edited.jpg

The aerodynamically optimized cowling included in the conversion kit saves energy and gives the C172 a much more modern look.

Integration Example:  DA40

DA40 Original.jpg

AE-300  -  132 kW / 180 hp


XAEROS Hybrid  -  200 kW / 270 hp  system power

MCP 118 kW / 160 hp at cruising altitude

Integration Example:  DA42

DA42 Original 3.jpg

2 x AE-300  -  264 kW / 360 hp

DA42 XAEROS 3.jpg

2x XAEROS Hybrid  -  400 kW / 540 hp  system power

MCP 236 kW / 320 hp at cruising altitude

Integration Example:  Panthera

Panthera original.jpg

IO-540  191 kW / 260 hp

Panthera XAEROS.jpg

XAEROS Hybrid  -  200 kW / 270 hp  system power

MCP 118 kW / 160 hp at cruising altitude

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